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Ptch Blaq
Audio Engineer/ Producer 

Groove Line Productions, DJ Ptch Blaq Audio Engineer, Music Producer and DJ

DJ Ptch Blaq, is a retired Army Veteran, Mobile & Radio DJ, Audio Engineer & Producer. He’s also the training partner & lead Mobile DJ for Groove Line Production. He holds multiple degrees in Music Production, Engineering, ProTools Certification, including Audio Engineering from Full Sail University. He's also a member of Fleet DJs & Producers.

Groove Line Productions Trelawny, Studio Coordinator and Event Specialist

Coordinator / Project Specialist

Trelawny, is managing partner of the Mobile DJ side of Groove Line Productions. Bringing an extensive background in studio coordination & talent management, she began her artistic career with GM Voices, working with voice over talent & studios nationally & internationally in multiple languages, lead the new talent recruitment process and development. While not certified in music, she holds degrees in Political Science & Criminal Justice and is a Reiki Master.

Meet the Team


Recording Engineer


Recording Engineer is an hourly rate for overseeing many technical and aesthetic aspects of a recording session. The recording engineer:

  • Is responsible for overall sound of all recorded tracks.

  • Ensures the mixing engineer has good material to work with and the final product satisfies the artists & producers.

  • Records each instrument and part separately.

  • Edits and combines audio files with top and end fades, track color and gain staging.

Mixing Engineer


Mixing Engineer is an hourly rate for mixing projects that are sent to us. The mixing engineer combines all of the different sonic elements of a recorded piece of music into a final version, balancing the distinct parts to achieve a desired effect by: 

  • Blending, balancing and timber of the various parts of a multitrack recording into a standard stereo track.

  • Creating mixes that enhance the emotional or dramatic clarity of a recording.

  • Ensuring proper gain staging of the session.

  • Enhancing the sonic character of each track with the aid of processors such as EQ & compression, and adding effects like delay & reverb.

  • Printing & delivering the final recording mix, "mixdown", to the client.

Mastering Engineer

$100/per song & per hour

Mixing Engineer is a per song rate. The mastering engineer uses technical expertise and superb ears to make the final adjustments to a piece of recorded music before it's released, heightening its impact and ensuring that it will translate well to the variety of playback systems in use today. The mastering engineer will: 

  • Ensure dynamic and spectral balance is sculpted and polished.

  • Ensure a project is sonically cohesive, impactful, and that it will play well in any format and through any medium: as digital mp3, CD, or internet stream as well as through earbuds and laptop speakers. 

  • Highten audio through use of compression, equalization and other tools to make the recording sound more vibrant, visceral and musical.

  • Remove tongue clicks, vocal hiss and resolve serious audio problems. 

Upon acceptance of a project or session, 50% non refundable retainer due before project begins and balance due prior to receipt of final product. 

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